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  • Other infections
  • HIV

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Your sexual health

Looking after your sexual health isn't just about stopping a pregnancy or STI infection, it's also about  having safe and respectful relationships, and not having to do anything sexually that you don't want to.


Sexuality is the term used to describe who you are attracted to and want to have intimate relationships with. There are a few common labels people use to identify their sexuality:

  • Straight - Attracted mostly to people of the opposite sex or gender.
  • Gay - Attracted mostly to people of the same sex or gender (used by guys, and often girls too).
  • Lesbian - Attracted mostly to people of the same sex or gender (used by women).
  • Bisexual - Attracted to both men and women.

It's important to remember is that sexual feelings, sex and relationships can be confusing and exciting; the way you feel when you are attracted to someone whether you like male, female or both.

Sexual problems

Loss of interest in or pain during sex or difficulty having an orgasm are just some of problems people can experience during their lifetime. Sexual problems can have physical or psychological causes, sometimes both.

The first step to getting help is to talk to someone. Some of our services offer psychosexual counselling, so talk to your doctor. Alternatively speak to your GP or there are national organisations available.

Sexual assault

Everyone has the right to say 'no' to sex on any occasion and under any circumstances. Sexual assault is any kind of sexual activity that you do not agree to.

If you have been sexually assaulted or raped, please remember it is not your fault. You do not have to tell anyone about the assault if you don’t want to, but you should seek medical advice as soon as possible as you may be at risk of a sexually transmitted infection or pregnancy.

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